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Arborist Services

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What We offer

The SilverLeaf Tree Service team specializes in communicating exactly what your specific needs are, the current health of your trees, and how to safely accomplish your projects utilizing our trade secret long-lasting pruning cycles which lasts much longer than those of our competitors. 

1. Diagnosis and treatment of landscape trees and shrubs
2. Proper pruning and management techniques for valuable landscape trees and shrubs
3. Identifying and selecting appropriate landscape trees and shrubs
4. Installation, establishment, and after-care of landscape trees and shrubs
5. Understanding the important soil and water relationships which affect plant growth
6. Recognizing tree hazards, construction damage, and mitigation
7. Preserving the aesthetic and ecological value of landscape trees and shrubs
8. Understanding and implementing safety requirements for tree care operations including pruning, trimming, repairing, maintaining, and removing trees and cutting brush

We won’t back down from any work, will even do small hedges and shrubs.