We believe in leaving your yard clean so the only evidence of our being to your home is your well manicured trees.  We take pride in our work, just as you  take pride in your home.  From tree trimming to removal, you can count on us to get the job done right. Our crew  is professional, thorough, and reliable. The new beauty of your trees will impress all who pass by, year after year.

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Tree pruning underway in Salinas, CA
Tree pruning underway in Salinas, CA

What We offer

At SilverLeaf Tree Service we offer a wide variety of professional tree services in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties that is focused on complete customer satisfaction in addition to our free estimates. We believe your trees should look beautiful immediately after trimming, so they won’t require years to grow back and regain their shape.

  • Removal – Our team is extremely well versed in moving trees away from and within confined areas while using a delicate approach which prevents other trees from being damaged during the process. We also ALWAYS double check on all removals and NEVER make assumptions without prior verification for accuracy.

  • Vista Pruning - If you have a beautiful view from your home that is blocked by trees, then vista pruning will open up your view without damaging your trees. Using careful crown reduction and tree thinning, we can effectively open up the view above your trees.

  • Fruit Tree Pruning - Fruit trees should be pruned every year to maintain their health, encourage balanced growth and productivity and control their size and shape. When you plant a fruit tree, you should be dedicated to giving the tree proper care and pruning to maximize both fruit quality and quantity throughout the life of the tree.

  • Stump Grinding – Our Stump Grinding process is designed to provide professional results as well as protect all areas surrounding the work site while minimizing the impact on the area and avoiding property damage.

  • Cabling – Cabling is a process which reassures and reinforces weak parts of trees in order to ensure safety, long term health of the tree, and allow the tree to continue looking aesthetically fantastic.

  • Tree Planning – We will conduct a one on one meeting with all tree planning clients wherein we will work together to choose the exact tree they wish to bring in and map a strategy to help accomplish this goal.

  • Brush Mowing – Brush Mowing is accomplished through use of a specialized tractor mower used specifically take down small shrubs and tall grass or weeds which cannot be removed by a regular lawn mower.

Our work is impeccable because we do all of our pruning by selection and consider each and every possible result which could occur from pruning or removal. For us, pruning is the simple act of creating room for new life and growth within your trees while staying strongly within range of ISA Standards. 

The staff at SilverLeaf Tree Service never shies away from any work and will always provide our services for any plants you may have including bushes and shrubs. 

Tree Pruning in Salinas, CA

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